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SECP has official website for his services.We are presenting the information in an unofficial capacity. Here you will find information on secp eservices related blogs and info you can check company names, Company formations, Company rules and regulations,how to create a company in Pakistan, how to register company in Pakistan, latest news about secp.

secp.pk is the website for the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The SECP is the regulatory authority for the securities and capital market in Pakistan. It is responsible for regulating and supervising the securities market and protecting the rights of investors.

On the secp.pk website, you can find information about the SECP and its mandate, as well as various resources and services related to the securities market in Pakistan. This includes information about the laws and regulations that govern the securities market, registration and licensing of market participants, and ongoing initiatives and projects. The website also provides access to various online services, such as filing forms and documents and accessing public records.

If you have any specific questions about the SECP or the securities market in Pakistan, I recommend visiting the secp.pk website or contacting the SECP directly for more information.