Check National Savings Prize Bond Draw Result List Online.

Check all National Savings Prize Bond Draw Result List released by Central Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan online. Prize Bonds are a lottery certificate with a fixed amount of money, which is used to save and buyers receive huge prizes in balloting organized by National Savings. Draw of National Savings Prize Bonds

Find Prize Bond Draw Result List Check Online by National Savings of Pakistan.

Here you can find prize bond draw result list check online by National Savings of Pakistan. The prize bond draw is conducted by a committee constituted by CDNS and is open to the general public. The winning prize bonds are drawn by means of a hand-held draw device, operated by special youths in front of the committee members and preferred by the people participating in the draw. The draw system is also checked using the general public before the draw starts.

A prize bond is a bearer tool. It is in possession of the holder of the toll like foreign currency notes. Since the tax is deducted on the best prize amount and no longer on the significant amount, consequently it does not always discourage small buyers. The official draw list is to be available on the next day of draw which can also be downloaded from SBP BSC and CDNS website.

The number of prize bonds is increased so that the redemption charge is commensurate with the markup prevailing within the cash market. Gifting and collecting fee of valid prize bond at the counters of SBP BSC Offices/ Commercial Banks/ National Savings Centres. You can get complete prize bond information online from prize bond schedule.

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Prize Bond Winning Amount:

the amount First prize Rewards Second prize Rewards Third prize Rewards
Rs.100 700,000 1 200,000 3 1000 1199
Rs.200 750,000 1 250,000 5 1250 2394
Rs.750 15,00,000 1 500,000 3 9300 1696
Rs.1500 3,000,000 1 1,000,000 3 18,500 1696
Rs.7500 15,000,000 1 5,000,000 3 93,000 1696
Rs.15000 30,000,000 1 10,000,000 3 185,000 1696
Rs.25,000 50,000,000 1 15,000,000 3 312,000 1696
Rs.40,000 75,000,000 1 25,000,000 3 500,000 1696
40,000 premium 80,000,000 1 30,000,000 3 500,000 1696

Prize Bond Pk Draw Scheme:

The prize bond scheme is very convenient for buyers. There are 7 types of paper bonds with different denominations like 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000 and 25000 prize bonds. Each denomination draws four times a year with an interval of three months. All bonds have 1700 winning prizes except 200 and 100 bonds. 1203 in 100, and 2400 in 200 bonds. Each bond has only one prize as the first win. 03 prizes as 2 in all bonds.n.d Winner 200 bonds, out of which there are 05 lucky winners. And all bonds have 1696 lucky winners except 100 and 200 bonds which have 1199 and 2394 bonds and third winner.

The draw was conducted under the normal draw system so the number of prizes was exactly the same for each series. This means if 50 types of prizes of Rs.200 will be circulated. Then at each draw, there are 50 first prize winners and 150 second prize winners.

The Prize Bond Program is a real genuine halal provider of spending opportunities for the poor and middle class people to get rich quick. Award Connection Design is the best rescuer in this regard, given that it is similar to baby formula. The following points were correctly implemented. Prize Bond Result 2023 is completely uploaded for many different prize relation holders intending different denominations.

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All Prize Bond Draw Results:

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