Check Online 5566 Utility Store Ration Program 2023

Check Online 5566 Utility Store Ration Program 2023

The purpose of starting 5566 ration program is to make those living below the poverty line a respectable citizen of Pakistan.

In today’s inflationary eraIt has become very difficult for people to burn stoves in their homes. That is why the federal government of Pakistan has announced 5566 ration program (5566 utility stores) for the poor. This program is for those who are registered in the BISP program and do. No need to reapply.

The 5566 ration program was officially launched on 28th Shabanul Muzam, 21st March 2023, but due to some reasons, the government stopped the program and decided to restart it on 25th Ramzan. People have appreciated this program of the government.

Ehsaas Ration Program Registration

This program is very beneficial for the poor as it will provide special concession on prices of flour, sugar, ghee, rice, pulses, spices, beverages, dates, gram, rice, cooking oil, tea and other food items. This program is called subsidy program as these commodities are being provided at subsidized rates to customers registered with BISP.

5566 Online Registration

Registering Ehsaas Ration method is simple and easy for anyone who wants to get ration from Ehsaas 8171. This program is for those who are needy and poor. Those people who are poor and deserving are being included in the Ehsaas ration program. Through the Ehsaas Ration Program, you get 30% discount and ration up to Rs.2000, which is absolutely free.

Suppose you are one of the deserving poor. In this case, you can register yourself in this program and also check your eligibility absolutely free if you are eligible in this program, then you are given free ration. And training is also provided.

  • Open mobile dialer and type message (CNIC)
  • And send it to 5566.
  • You will get the message after some time. If you are eligible, visit the registered shop and get the ration.
  • If you are not, here is how to register.
  • Go to the government website and submit your documents and register yourself.
  • enjoy

Check eligibility.

If you want to check if you are eligible for this program, you can collect rations through this program for free. Then the procedure is very simple. Follow these instructions first. You will get all the information about doing and your family, which is absolutely free.
First, you need to visit the official website of the government, where you will find a nice interface where you can check your documents.

  • First, find the official website.
  • Then open the website, and you will see the interface.
  • Submit your ID card and phone number.
  • You will see your eligibility status.
  • enjoy

Another method

  • Type your CNIC number.
  • And send to 8171 and wait.
  • They will send all the details to your number.
  • LIKE, you qualify or you don’t.
  • Flour 400 rupees per 10 kg and monthly limit 40 kg,
  • Sugar Rs 70 per kg and monthly limit of 5 kg
  • Ghee is Rs 300 per kg and the monthly limit is 5 kg.
5566 Utility Store Code

And customers not registered with BISP will also be given ration at 20% discount.

Flour at Rs 648 per kg and a monthly limit of 20 kg.

Sugar Rs.91 per kg and monthly limit of 3 kg

Ghee Rs 490 per kg and monthly limit 3 kg

Complaint no

Contact method Information
Phone numbers 051-111-123-570
Complaints 0800-05590
E-mail (email protected)

CNIC status

BISP registered customers must present their original National Identity Card while visiting the utility store to collect the goods.

Don’t forget to get an electronic receipt after a customer makes a purchase. Consumers don’t forget to look for the “psoca” quality assurance monogram when purchasing an item.

Open 5566 Ehsaas Ration Utility Stores in Pakistan.

To link your Karana store to the Ehsaas Ration Program, you should review the USC Online Registration Terms and Conditions. Then; You can register yourself and remember that you can pay a franchise fee. After the license is granted,

USC allows citizens to open a new franchise within 0.5 miles of Zero Point in Union Council. And after the terms and conditions, you can link your shop with Ehsaas Ration Program ie you can get people ration from Ehsaas and get money from Govt.

5566 Utility Store

The number of utility stores in Pakistan is more than 4000 but 5566 utility stores are more than 1000.

Check Online 5566 Utility Store Ration Program 2023

Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries can now get flour, sugar and other food items at a discount from the utility store. Before buying things, you are given another OTP on your number, which you have to give to the shopkeeper, and then he gives you the items at a discount. You can buy everyday items at any utility store.

You can also buy them at a huge discount. A utility store provides only a few household everyday items. No need to worry if you are not eligible for Benazir Income Support Program or Ehsaas Program. States can be obtained by purchasing items from the Utility Store.

5566 SMS Service

Government has launched SMS service 5566 for registered users of BISP, on which the user will send his ID card number to 5566, after which he will receive a unique code on his mobile. To avail these BISP ration facilities, you can get federal government ration facilities by showing this code at any nearby utility store.

Free ATTA Scheme 8070 Online Registration

The government of Pakistan has announced some news for the public in the holy month of Ramadan. I got more than that, which is 10 kg of flour. Its registration process is very simple and easy. If you are registered in Free Atta, you can find out about its eligibility for those who are not enrolled in the program. If so, they can register themselves and take it

  • Type your ID card number.
  • And send to 8070.
  • You will get all information about Free Atta.
  • enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to register for Ehsaas Ration Programme?

If you want to register yourself in Ehsaas ration program online then send SMS to 8123 for 2000 free ration, if you want to get ration relief then SMS to 5566 with your original ID card number.

How to send a message to Rashan?

The method of sending messages is very simple and easy.

Write your ID card number and send it to 5566.

Visit the official website for online registration.

How do I get OTP for my utility store?

The utility store owner sends an SMS to your registered phone number. You just need to enter the OTP to the store owner. This is a simple and easy method.

What is the SMS Code of Ehsaas Program 2023?

There are different codes for the Ehsaas program, such as type 8123 for the Ehsaas ration program

Ehsaas Program 8171. For relief type 5566. And for more information please visit Ehsaas Centre.

Can I get my OTP online?

Yes, you will easily get it online. Get OTP on your mobile.

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