Health Card Punjab Online Registration 2023

Health Card Punjab Online Registration

Health Card: National Health Card has been launched to address health issues in Pakistan. What the National Health Card assures is that all the people of the country who are suffering from health problems and can get rid of health problems by participating in this program.

In this program, all the poor and deserving people who can afford it and are free from all their obligations can get themselves treated in the biggest hospital at the cost of the guard.

According to the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, this card has been issued all over Pakistan. Now people only use their identity card to use this card, there were many difficulties in getting the card.

Ehsaas Ration Program Registration

Healthy Justice Card

Sehat Card is a micro health insurance initiative for the people of Pakistan designed to facilitate health program for the people of Pakistan. If you don’t have investors to invest in your treatment then don’t worry because the Government of Pakistan is with you.

In this program, those people are being included who cannot get their treatment with their financial support, that is the reason why the death rate due to the lack of treatment of diseases has increased in Pakistan for the past several years.

Health Card Code

To solve the health problem, the government of Pakistan has introduced a card called Sehat Card. With this card, you can get free treatment for many ailments, for example, God forbid if you have an accident. If you can, you can get emergency medical care through the health card, and you can also get coverage for chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and all types of cancer. Can receive care and treatment.

Health Convenience Program Health Card Plus Program

Health Card Eligibility

People who are poor and deserving and helpless and their income is minimal, because of unemployment and lack of jobs in Pakistan, many people in Pakistan cannot get treatment due to lack of money. So this program is designed so that they can join this program and get rid of health problems and lead a good life.

Health card check

  • First, visit the official website of the government.
  • Then click on Check Eligibility button.
  • Then submit your ID card number.
  • Submit a capture.
  • enjoy

Another method

If you don’t have internet then you can use another method to check eligibility.

Open your mobile and type CNIC number and send it to 8500. After some time you will receive a confirmation message.

Required Documents

A few documents are required to enroll in the program.

  • You must have your original ID card with you.
  • Your name may also be SIM.
  • If you are a citizen of Pakistan then you can join this program.
  • This program is designed for all Pakistani citizens who are ID card holders.

Registration of health card

For registration in health card program you must have your original ID card after that you can go to the nearest Ehsaas center for your registration if you have any problem you can contact them on this number You can file a complaint by calling.

Also, the government has created an application for Sahat Insaf Card through which you can check your eligibility.

You can check your eligibility from any nearby hospital if you are not Haji Sahib then you can register yourself and get free treatment from Government of Pakistan.

Health Card Helpline

Call: 0800-09009
E-mail: Islamabad: (email protected)
Address Visit the nearest registered health card hospital.

Check 9780 health card online.

The government of Pakistan has created different codes for different provinces through which they can register themselves in this program through their identity card and get all the information about themselves.

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