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HRMS Online Leave Apply online through this page. SEDHR Punjab Portal for Teachers has been updated. HRMS is a human resource management system specially designed by School Education Department Punjab for teachers in Punjab. It works by analyzing how teachers feel about their teachers. School Education Department, Government of Punjab has launched online application form for C Leave. All employees and teachers of School Education Department of Punjab, Punjab are now able to apply for C-Leave/E-Leave through HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab Portal, SED HRMS Punjab. School Education Department Punjab teachers can apply for C-Leave using the following procedure.

HRMS Online Leave Application for TeacherHRMS Online Leave Application for Teacher

Your request will be approved or denied by your Headmaster, Headmistress, AEO, or authority within 24 hours. Both the applicant and the authority will be notified through the mobile phone that the application is either accepted or rejected. After 24 hours, your request will be automatically forwarded to the higher authorities i.e. DEO if your authority is not able to respond to the request within 24 hours.

How to Apply for C-Leave on HRMS

School Education Department, Government of Punjab has started online form for C Leave. C-Leave is a temporary teacher leave granted by the government for various reasons. Teachers as well as employees of School Education Department, Punjab are now eligible to apply for C-Leave, and E-Leave through HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab Portal. Read Full Article HRMS Apply Leave Online

HRMS leave request approved.

Department of Schools Education Punjab has digitized the leave system. The previous system required candidates to wait and show proof of funds to get the leave sanctioned. The government has simplified the procedure for obtaining leave. Teachers and staff who are not teaching in schools in the Department of Education can apply for leave online.

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Sidra Punjab Govt pk Stats

It is not necessary to physically visit the CEO. AEOs, headmistresses, and headmasters have the right to disapprove leave requests within 24 years. This is a total annual leave of 25. If you don’t take advantage or take advantage only half the time, the remaining amount is unused, and will not be added to the next year’s account. Every year, on 31st December the casual holiday account is closed and on 1st January, 25 casual holiday account is opened.

Leave HRMS Online Govt Punjab.

Every month, sometimes 2 free holidays are available, however, in some cases, the Deputy DEO (for Primary or Middle School) may sanction 10 to 15 C-leaves based on the circumstances. Regular employees taking leave get one leave after one month of service, while non-professional regular employees get 4 leaves after one month. Addresses are given as payment.

Apply hrms leave online.

Apply for Leave on HRMS Punjab 2021

Professional employees will get 12 holidays after one year (12 months, one per month) of service, non-professional employees will get 48 holidays after completing one year (12 months, four months). A professional servant is a person who avails winter and summer vacations like teachers. Non-vocational servants are those who work throughout the year, such as Class IV, AEOs, DDEOs DEOS and others.

Apply online

Go online through SIS and HRMS 2022.

EOL can be taken without pay on any basis up to five years in total service only if the employee has completed at least 10 years of continuous service. If the employee has not completed 10 years of continuous service, and his or her total service time is 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 years, they will be given only two years of EOL. If one is eligible for EOL for a period, that EOL will be subtracted from length of service, which will replace longevity.

Types of leaves on HRMIS

01 A relaxing holiday
02 Earned leaves
03 Extraordinary Leaves (EOL)
04 Maternity Leave (MT)
05 Paternity Lease (PT)
06 Hajj holiday
07 Ex went to Pakistan.
08 lddat vacation
09 Medical leave
10 Study leave
11 Leave Preparatory to Retirement (Lpr)/ Leave encashment.
12 Umrah holiday

HRMS Online Leave 2022 C-Leave

Maternity leave is available to women after the birth of their child. Female employees are entitled to 90 days maternity leave with pay. Leave is available three times throughout their service period, each time for 90 days with pay. Note that if an employee is female and expecting the arrival of her fourth child, she will be granted unpaid leave, and the period of such leave will be deducted from the length of service.

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PPSC Challan Form 2022

School Education Department Contact Nos

Address: Official Address: 2-Bank Road, Old P&D Building, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore

Phone Number: 042 – 99213198

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