PTI Website and Whatsapp, Imran Tigers Registration is a website for registration of Imran Tigers Force. PTI Chairman Imran Khan introduced the site to the nation through his video message. Here we will provide you all the information you need to register on

Website address
by the Imran Khan
of the Pakistani people
WhatsApp number 03001119444
Launch date August 23, 2023
Information from website

How to Register

Here is the link to visit this website.

Go to this link and fill the form there.

After filling the form you will get a block code.

For successful registration you need to enter that block code on the box provided on the website.

Here is a screenshot of the webpage. homepage

Imran Tigers Whatsapp Number

If you want to get all this information on your mobile through WhatsApp then you can get it by sending “Yes” to this WhatsApp number 03001119444.

03001119444 Write YES to this number and send WhatsApp message and join “Imran Tiger”. And follow the instructions received in the reply.
It will be a kind of quick reaction force which will carry Khan’s message forward in any kind of emergency.


Imran Tigers

Tiger Force of Imran Khan’s Haqi Azadi Mission.

If we bring this voice to a single tone inside and outside the country, our voice will be the most powerful, loud and stronger than any superpower in the world.

“This is the key role of Imran Tigers”

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