Prize Bonds Draw Complete Schedule 2022

A prize bond is like an investment. It is very popular in Pakistan. There are two types of prize bonds being issued today. One is normal. Prize Bonds which are negotiable. Another premium is prize bonds, which are issued in the name of a specific person. Premium Prize Bonds These are non-negotiable, but can only be cashed through banks. When it goes cashless, your money is transferred directly to your bank account.

Value of Prize Bonds

Premium Prize Bonds are now issued in the following denominations:

Prize Bonds other than Premium Bonds are issued in the following denominations:

  • 100 Rs
  • 200 Rs
  • 750 Rs
  • 1500 Rs

Tax deductions on prize bonds

When the prize bonds are withdrawn, the winner can collect his winnings from the State Bank of Pakistan / National Savings Centre. At the time of payment of prize money on prize bond, income tax @15% is deducted from the active tax filer. FBR And @30% from the winner who is not an active tax filer with FBR.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022

gave Prize Bond Draw Schedule Issued for the entire year. Directorate General of National Savings issues schedule for premium and other types of prize bonds for one year.

Prize Bond Date of Draw Day City
Rs.750/- January 17, 2022 Monday Peshawar
Rs.100/- 15 February 2022 Tuesday Hyderabad
Rs.1500/- 15 February 2022 Tuesday Muzaffarabad
Rs.40,000/- March 10, 2022 Thursday Quetta
Rs.25,000/- March 10, 2022 Thursday Rawalpindi
Rs.200/- March 15, 2022 Tuesday Lahore
Rs.750/- April 15, 2022 Friday Karachi
Rs.1500/- May 16, 2022 Monday Rawalpindi
Rs.100/- May 16, 2022 Monday Faisalabad
Rs.40,000/- June 10, 2022 Friday Muzaffarabad
Rs.25,000/- June 10, 2022 Friday Hyderabad
Rs.200/- June 15, 2022 Wednesday Multan
Rs.750/- July 15, 2022 Friday Lahore
Rs.1500/- August 15, 2022 Monday Peshawar
Rs.100/- August 15, 2022 Monday Muzaffarabad
Rs.40,000/- 12 September 2022 Monday Karachi
Rs.25,000/- 12 September 2022 Monday Faisalabad
Rs.200/- September 15, 2022 Thursday Hyderabad
Rs.750/- 17 October 2022 Monday Quetta
Rs.1500/- November 15, 2022 Tuesday Karachi
Rs.100/- November 15, 2022 Tuesday Rawalpindi
Rs.40,000/- December 12, 2022 Monday Multan
Rs.25,000/- December 12, 2022 Monday Lahore
Rs.200/- December 15, 2022 Thursday Faisalabad
Scheduled Prize Bonds 2022 National Savings.  What is the latest prize bond schedule 2022?

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